At Dear Sam, you will find a unique assortment of high quality posters. From black and white photo art to abstract brush strokes. We want to make you fall in love with your home and help you to create beautiful art walls. All our posters are printed exclusively on environmentally-certified paper.

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Top-quality posters

Today, buying affordable posters online is easier now than ever before. The quality of Dear Sam's posters can be compared to the much more expensive artwork that has traditionally been sold in exclusive shops in posh districts. From the start, Dear Sam has aimed to offer affordable posters without compromising on product quality or artistic talent in our designs. Dear Sam offers high-quality poster art at really great prices. To achieve this, we have built up our range of posters mainly with self-produced art. With art created by ourselves, we can always guarantee high artistic value while closely following everything from classical art to the latest artistic trends. As part of this endeavour, we have also put a great deal of effort into finding the absolutely best digital offset machines to print our posters with. Our posters are printed on age-resistant 240 gsm paper of the highest quality. The paper has a matte surface finish to give our posters a fantastic, age-resistant appearance. Of course, we print our posters in some of Europe's most modern printing presses, to ensure we always deliver first-class results. In other words, Dear Sam makes fine art available to everyone.

Buying posters online – how does it work?

Posters online at Dear Sam. At Dear Sam, we think buying good-looking posters online should be a streamlined and inspiring process. Many wonder how the process of buying high-quality yet affordable posters online works. Dear Sam was started by e-commerce veterans with a great interest in art. We create many of our posters in-house. Furthermore, we stock all our designs, and have created specially designed cartons for safe and fast transport of our pictures, frames and posters straight to our customers. To achieve this exceptional customer service, we have built up an international logistics network in close cooperation with a number of the most reputable transport companies in the market.
Our goal is to be able to offer attractive posters, quick delivery times and affordable prices without compromising on quality. By dividing our posters into categories and themes, we want to make it easy to find the one that's perfect for you. We have posters to suit the kitchen, the living room, a child's bedroom, or why not hang a picture in the hall? We offer different frames that you can discover and choose for your posters on the product page. We have provided this option so that you can easily match your chosen posters with the perfect frame, right from the start!

What is the difference between the various kinds of posters and prints?

In available literature and historical documents, the meaning and the difference between the words poster, print and "affiche" poster vary quite significantly. Most widely accepted is that there is a marked difference between the words poster and "affiche", while print and poster have a more similar meaning in common language. In summary, a poster lacks a modern character and, unlike the "affiche" poster, is primarily a decorative feature. Below we describe in more detail the difference between the concepts of poster and "affiche" poster.

Posters and prints:
The words poster and print have a similar meaning. A poster is a printed image, with or without text, which is mainly used as a wall ornament. Unlike an "affiche" poster, a poster usually lacks a modern character and has a mainly decorative function that the "affiche" poster generally lacks. A poster is usually printed on higher-quality paper and is usually framed in a picture frame. The poster can be used for a long time and is therefore not a disposable product like the "affiche" poster.

Dear Sam's posters are printed on high-quality paper with a matte luxurious surface finish.
"Affiche" posters and placards: "Affiche" poster and placard have a similar meaning. The word "affiche" is generally associated with advertising and/or information in a message that combines text and images. An "affiche" poster is usually printed on a thinner paper with a coated glossy surface. An "affiche" poster is intended to be put up in public places or selected commercial areas such as cinemas, in the form of film posters, for example. An "affiche" poster is usually replaced and discarded when it is no longer relevant and can thus be distinguished from a poster as being a disposable product.

Give your home a new life with personalised posters

At Dear Sam, you will find posters created to be hung in both a horizontal/landscape and vertical/portrait direction. Everything you need to easily complement different rooms, interior styles and arrangements. We have posters in different sizes, categories and styles. It is easy to sort and search for your favourite posters via the search box at the top of the page. You can also easily use our search filter once you have sorted by category, for example abstract designs. Our pictures/frames are available in sizes 21x30, 30x40, 40x50, 50x70 and 70x100 cm. It's usually a good idea to combine several different sizes of frames to create a nice picture wall. If you have a favourite design, why not choose a large poster and position other pictures around this in a kind of collage. In this way, your can personalise your picture wall with a dynamic where several smaller pictures surround your favourite posters. Some designs fit especially well with a mounting board. A mounting board is a piece of thin cardboard that is placed between the poster and the acrylic glass top of the picture frame. A mounting board enhances the poster by increasing the focus on it. Some of our posters have a so-called "built-in" mounting board. Regardless, all of our prints are great for framing with or without a proper mounting board. Feel free to browse our Instagram Shop to see examples of unique and personalised picture walls. Perhaps you will find a favourite combination for your own living room? In order to ensure fast and secure delivery, all our "affiche" posters and frames in customised packages are sent exclusively for posters with a frame.

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