En Route To Zurich

Flight LX333 review: Service: 10/10 We were given complimentary drinks, a small cheese sandwich, and, get this, a small block of chocolate with a wrapper that said, “Thank you for flying Swiss.” Definitely not RyanAir or EasyJet!! Lol. #sorrynotsorry (Wonder what kind of service their business class gets?) Dear Sam, We are moments away from landing […]

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The One In Ljubljana

Dear Friend, Ljubljana is probably the prettiest European city that I can’t spell. Or pronounce. (Lubeeyana) The mission was to make the most out of the 40 hours that Sam and I had and I think we both deserve pats on the back. It’s always tough being time constrained on a trip and having to […]

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The One In Copenhagen

Dear Danish People, (Or do I say, Dear Danes?) I am happy to announce that my partner’s birthday wish was to go to a Scandinavian city and Copenhagen won by a landslide. (of two.) Getting to the city from the airport is easy and the fact that you guys only have one airport makes it […]

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The One In Helsinki

Dear person reading this, After speaking to a couple of locals (As I always ask the “What would you recommend to do?” question), I came up with the conclusion that: There is not much to do in Helsinki. I’m just kidding. (Or am I?) But if you do find yourself in this Scandinavian city, here […]

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The One With The Spanish Easter

Dear Amigo, I have successfully convinced Sam to spend the long Easter weekend with me in a warm place. (He suggested Oslo. Didn’t really understood the definition of warm, this one.) We both decided Alicante would be the perfect destination and we loved it! We tallied down our Top 10 over the weekend and here they […]

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