The One About The Underground

Dear Sam,

As I am tucked under the comforts of my duvet on this fine Thursday morning on my day off, I can’t help but think about you scurrying off to get on the tube on rush hour. (Tough)

There are many fun facts about the Underground and as your fun fact generator, I feel it is my duty to bestow them to you.

1. Three babies have been born on the tube. (So i wonder on the part where they write Place of Birth, did they put in Northern line or something?)

2. An average of 2.7 million tube journeys are made every single day. (Multiply that to £2.90 = that’s how much they get just from the tube.) (Shit.)

3. 60% of the Underground is actually above ground. (Go figure.)

4. Not a fun fact: about 50 passengers kill themselves on the Underground every year.

5. Half a million mice live on the Underground. (If I had a pound for every mouse..)

Naa, but I have to say probably the funnest thing about riding the tube is seeing all the different people that go on it. London is just filled with all these different characters and people watching has always been one of my favorite hobbies.

And as I go on my tube rides to and from work, I always like categorizing the people.

The main categories being:

1.) The Reader

I think 1 out of 5 people are reading something on the tube–reading their phones, reading a book, the newspaper, a kindle or an iPad.

1.1) That over the shoulder reader trying to catch a glimpse of the headline on The Metro.

1.1.1) That over the shoulder reader trying to catch a glimpse of your new Whatsapp message. (Yeah, I saw that.)



2.) The Sleeper  (Peak Hours: 07:00-08:30, 22:00-00:00)

Either didn’t get much sleep or drunk


3.) That Thing You Smell

A.) Didn’t shower for a week

B.) Last thing he ate. (Shit, sat beside a guy last night who smelled like curry and it instantly made me want to eat curry.)

C.) Both (Deadly combination.)


4.) The Really Loud Music Person

Dear person who just discovered the volume button, you don’t need sound cancellation headphones, you need one that doesn’t leak sound so we don’t know you secretly love Justin Bieber. You’re welcome.


5.) The Tourist/Traveler

The one that:

A.) Looks totally lost (also the ones that stand on the wrong side of the escalator)

B.) Has a huge ass backpack that looks like he’s got his entire flat on his back.

 C.) Is carrying around two luggages that still has tape from an airline that says LDN.


I can go on and on about my categories and subcategories (Person racing you to an empty seat, Candy Crushers, Snackers, Person who coughs a lot, Priority seat hogger, etc.) but I’m now scheduled to do nothing. (As it is my day off. Ha.)


I hope that when you are done reading this, you will send me a message acknowledging my pro drawing skills. Thanks.


Hoping you’re not falling asleep on the tube,


The One Where I Cook

Dear Sam,

Here is a list of the top five most common New Years’ resolutions:

Scan 8.jpeg

41% of people actually stick to these resolutions. Personally, I’ve always been part of the 59%. But hey, never stopped me from trying! One of my new year’s resolutions is part of #1 for healthier living where I stop myself from buying meal deals and microwaved meals and actually cook myself something. (#domesticated)

There’s been a lot of hype going on about these food boxes where you basically buy a week box of X number of meals you want and they send you the ingredients you need. They usually let you pick if the meal is good for two or four people and have a list of meals available to choose from.

In the hopes of trying to be part of 41%, I decided to kick start the year by getting one of the boxes from Gousto. I found a bunch of promo codes online and got it £25 off!

You pick out which date you want your box delivered and you pay extra if you want it at a specific time. (Of course, I didn’t pay extra. Ha.)

So I’ll paint you a picture: It’s Thursday night, I come home from a long shift and I find the box.. outside our flat on the street. (Naturally I would go ape shit but I was too tired, I just laughed it off and thanked the Gods the foxes didn’t come and eat them) (Why would they leave it on the street though? Why?)


You get all the meat, vegetables, some condiments—everything you need to become a fake professional chef.

I first tried out the Lemon Baked Fish with Spinach Mornay.



Some ingredients they’ll expect you to have like flour, butter, milk, etc. (Which you know I don’t have so I had to go out to the shop to buy some)

Instructions were pretty straightforward. They even show you pictures on how to do them. (Perfect for people like me who have no clue. Well done, Gousto.)


(Babe, is this how you generously season potatoes?)

(I would like to give a shout out to my flatmate for lending me this baking tray. Ha ha)

I didn’t take a picture making the Spinach Mornay!

The results:


Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 10.59.49 PM.png



(My shadow says hi.)

I think overall I would rate my dish an 8 out of 10. -2 because I messed up the sauce by not grating the cheese (Please buy me a grater) and I didn’t chop the spinach into pieces. (Please help me from being lazy). But I have to say it was really simple to make and it tasted really good with all the flavours and all.

Next dish I won’t go too much into detail.

But this is how it’s supposed to look like:


Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 10.31.49 PM.png



(Not bad looking, hey?)


To conclude: Five things I learned from my Gousto experience (Some of these are really deep, are you ready?)

(1) Add in delivery note to leave it to the flat next door and not on the street if I’m not home

(2) Expectations are always very different from reality and it’s best not to expect too much then surprise yourself in the end.

(3)Some things look nice in pictures and some things don’t but that’s okay too.

(3.1) I need to work on my food photography skills.

(4) You can achieve something if you set your mind to it and pay subscription for it.

(5) I need more kitchen tools.


Hoping you’ll help me stop ordering takeaway,



My First Ever Letter

  Dear Sam,

There are three reasons why you should not leave your girlfriend to go to Belfast for New Years’ Eve.

  1. According to reliable source (from or something like that) London has one of the best fireworks displays in the world.

scan-9Please take note of number three.

Nowhere does it mention anything about Ireland. (I’m sorry, Irish people. I am however a fan of your St. Patrick’s Day.)

In fact, I took some pictures to prove it to you.




2. It gives everyone (including me) perfect excuse to dress up and get drunk and you’re missing out on some crazy Asian action.

I’m kidding, I’m still on my antibiotics. (crap.)





3. It is customary for a boy and a girl to kiss at midnight and you left me with roughly nine million people to choose from. Thank you.

Happy New Years,