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    Music Posters

    Music makes life more fun! If, just like us, you love music, you'll love our posters with sound waves from famous songs! These unique posters are created exclusively by us at Dear Sam and can't be found anywhere else! There are posters with iconic musicians like Bob Dylan and David Bowie but also newer artists like Avicii and Rihanna!

    Buy your music posters at Dear Sam

    We at Dear Sam are proud to offer a truly unique range of posters with songs from famous artists! Here you'll find posters of singer-songwriters like Bob Dylan, rock legends like Bruce Springsteen and the Rolling Stones, our beloved Håkan Hellström and international pop icons like Madonna and Rihanna.

    Unique posters with sound waves

    Our unique music posters are only available for purchase from us at Dear Sam! The motifs are created based on the sound waves of the songs, which form a cool pattern in colour or in black and white. Buy a poster with sound waves from your favourite song and let it brighten your home!

    Music posters

    If you love both music and art, you'll love our music posters! Music makes life more fun - and music in art form makes your home more fun! Buy your music poster and feel like you want to start dancing every time you look at your picture!