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    Gold frame

    Product Description

    Gold frame, 70x100 - Gold frame for posters of 70x100 cm

    Gold frame with matte finish. The frame is of the highest quality and features excellent acrylic glass. It opens at the back for you to easily mount your poster. You can hang the frame both vertically and horizontally as there are brackets both on the short and long side. Note: the glass is protected during transport by a plastic film to be removed before mounting.

    Material: metal

    All our high quality frames have suspension loops on both the short and long sides. The frame glass is made of transparent acrylic glass, which makes the frames both shatterproof and lightweight.
    Our gold-coloured frames

    Our gold-coloured aluminium frames (metal frames) are of extremely high quality. The frames feature a smooth narrow profile and come with a premium acrylic glass.

    Premium glass

    Frames come with a crystal-clear, premium acrylic glass. The glass is protected during transport with a plastic film that must be removed before mounting.

    Easy mounting & hanging

    Opens at the back for easy mounting of your poster. Hanging rings on both short and long sides for vertical or horizontal hanging.