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    Gold Frames

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    Gold Frames

    With timeless beauty, Dear Sam gold frames add a touch of luxury to your prints and photos, be they vintage or modern. Gold is a great accent colour that works well with large standalone posters too. Plus, they blend seamlessly with an assortment of other frames to create exciting and eye-catching displays.

    Gold Frames For Today’s Posters

    Today’s gold frames for paintings or posters are simple and subtle, encasing the print but not overwhelming the imagery.

    We have all seen the intricate and large golden frames of the baroque period along with the gilded Rococo frames. The carved vintage gold frames were very popular in the 18th century, and they can still look great in a wall gallery. These antique style gold frames for pictures, while still having their design uses, are not the best option for a poster. As works of art in themselves, they would drown out and dominate the images and, in general, are the wrong shape!

    At Dear Sam, you can find our lovely matte gold metal frames, which come in an assortment of sizes. We sell gold frames for A4 - A2 sized posters. Our gold frames come in sizes 20x30cm, 30x40cm, 40x50cm and 50x70cm.

    Get The Best High-Quality Gold Frames

    Dear Sam has an excellent eye for detail, and our gold frames are perfect examples of craftsmanship. Our well-crafted frames have a smooth narrow profile constructed in top quality metal. You can hang them vertically or horizontally due to the brackets placed along both the long and short sides. The high-quality frame glass is shatterproof acrylic, which also has the advantage of being lightweight.

    Hanging Your Prints To Achieve Maximum Effect

    When we use posters and prints to decorate walls, we do so for several reasons:

    • Complement your existing decor
    • Lift the mood without redecorating
    • Invigorate a dull or neutral space
    • Hide a flaw on the wall’s surface
    • Make a statement or add personality
    • Purely for having some fun

    The above reasons point to how posters have become a popular integrated tool for interior design. How should we use them? Here a few suggestions to consider when hanging your gold framed prints.

    Don’t hang them!

    Use them like in an artist’s studio - leaning against a wall or piece of furniture. A large gold frame A2 poster would be the best size to do this with.


    Hang several similarly themed posters or prints together to make a gallery wall. Using the same style of golden frame brings the look together.


    For some, symmetry is visually important, while others prefer an asymmetric style. With our gold frames, you can have both. For symmetry, use the same size frames and group in pairs of larger frames and 3 or 4 with the smaller sizes.

    Symmetry creates a feeling of calm and comfort. Asymmetric design is about drama and adds energy to a room. Here, mix sizes and shapes but follow a central theme and don’t place the frames too far apart. Try mixing black metal frames with our gold frames for a rich effect.

    Frame Your Favourite Piece Of Art

    Framing is not just about keeping your poster protected and clean but also about enhancing the image it surrounds. Gold frames from Dear Sam complement any number of images from traditional art prints to the modern trend of typography posters.