Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia

Dear Sam,

For someone who is afraid of heights, it’s surprising how I said yes to this.


But how could I not really?

Doing my research, over half a million went up on the hot air balloon last year and there have been no reports of people tipping over, failed hot air or bad driving skills.


So again, how could I not really? #yolo

Kidding aside, it is one of the best things I have ever done so far. If it’s not on your bucket list, you have got some editing to do.

There are loads and loads of companies in Cappadocia. Because we were on a tour, TravelTalk booked our ride for us with Voyager. We paid €150 and every € is worth it. (Roughly around £130)

Everything is all prepared for you and you only have to do one thing—wake up at the crack of dawn.

Now for some people this can be extremely hard (*cough*you*cough*). Make sure your hotel gives you a bell or change your wallpaper to hot air balloon pictures so that when you wake up, you are instantly motivated to get out of bed.


They do this service all year round. But it all depends on weather. So it can be a hit or miss. Even though you have gone past the getting out of bed step, the verdict is determined before they let you in the car. (It’s like waiting for test results, nerve wracking)

Luckily, we got a go signal and we hopped in the arranged car by Voyager. Usually they pick you up 30 minutes – an hour before flying. (Depends where your hotel is.)

Question: When do they cancel flights? And what happens when they cancel?

Answer: Rain, fog, snow or wind consistently above 7mph. Turkish Aeronautical Association makes sure everyone is safe so they take the conditions seriously! They let you pay the day before but if they cancel on you, you either get a full refund or schedule you in for the next day if you are still in town.

So we get there and it is crazy. Dozens and dozens of hot air balloons being blown up all waiting for us sleepyheads to climb in. It is such a sight to see.

We hop in the baskets. (Okay maybe climb in. There aren’t doors or anything) and then the pilot introduces himself, explains the whole trip, etc. Each basket fits about 18-24 people. There are “deluxe flights” that take smaller groups of 10-16.


And then.. up, up we go! The balloons can go as high as 3,000 feet and this is enough to see the charming chimneys and rock formations.



Catching the sunrise was amazing.



On average, you will find yourself oooh-ing and aaah-ing for an hour and then the pilots bring you down where a chasing vehicle tries to park near the landing spot.

As you climb out, the team hands out glasses of champagne, makes a toast for surviving (lol) and even gives out certificates! People who don’t like drinking alcohol before 7 are given juice, fyi.

You have to take a picture as well. For the ‘gram and all.


Voyager brings you back to the hotel where you think you are going back to sleep but you are too pumped up so you pig out on the breakfast buffet instead.

All in all, the experience was amazing and would highly recommend anyone to do it.

Hoping you liked my recap,


The One Where I Explore The World For Free (Ish)

Dear Sam,

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Dear Friend,

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And maybe when you turn 26, you will. With the other half who took the risk of going with you with a visa expiring in a month. (Maybe.)

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Hungary For Some Adventure

To Whom It May Concern,

If you are reading this, you have successfully made my day by adding traffic to my blog.

In other news, the boy I’ve been writing letters to has finally agreed to go on a trip with me. And we decided Budapest was the place to go. We later on realized that going on Winter wasn’t such a smart idea but we pulled through anyway.

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