The One Down Under

Dear Sam,

However short, I loved our Sydney trip. If it were my first time going, I think I would have been stomping my feet, telling you off, why you made me agree to only five days.

My first time in Sydney was five years ago and that was my first ever trip outside Asia. And overall, my second trip outside the Philippines. (Boy, much has changed since then!)


Arriving on my nephew’s birthday was the best treat ever. But seeing my sister and her family altogether was priceless.

Apart from my sister living there, here are my reasons why Sydney is awesome:

1.) You get the best of both worlds. You have a mix of the great city life.


..and the great chilled out life.


2.) A lot of beaches

Everyone’s always looking for some sun.


(I’ve been told it’s not always this crowded.)

3.) It’s diverse.

It is a big city after all, so you would expect nothing less. And this is the thing that I love most about big cities–so cultured, so open minded and so vibrant.


4.) It’s Fun.

There’s a lot to see and do.

(I think the five year old kids in us especially loved Luna Park)


There’s also a lot of loud Australians that fill me with so much joy. And alcohol. (lol)


5.) This view.


Enough said.

Hoping we get to go back soon,


It takes about four minutes to make coffee but it takes less to watch this video. Hope you like it x

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