The One In Queenstown

Dear Sam,

Everyone hyped Queenstown way too much before we left for New Zealand that I was so scared that it wouldn’t really live up to it. God, I was so wrong.

If anyone asked me what the highlight of our whole NZ trip would be, I immediately answer meeting your family. (Duh.) and then a millisecond later say “and Queenstown.”

But if they did a follow up question of which part of Queenstown, I then immediately answer, “I can’t decide.”

Seriously though, how can I?

So I’ve made a list (because you know how much I love my lists) of Queenstown faves. (Or top things to do)

Up the Gondola/ Luge

Best view of the city is nowhere else but here.

Also, next time we come here, I am no longer wearing a dress because it makes it so hard to go on the luge!


This historic gold mining town is real easy to get to from Queenstown. (1 semi short bus ride) I love cute and quaint little towns and this one is a perfect example of it. Little independent shops, lots of nature and a couple of walks you can do. Which we didn’t do.


Pie and Coffee

I asked you which food you missed the most and now I understand why you said pie. Sadly, you don’t share my love for coffee but you guys sure know how to make some darn good coffee.


Milford Sound

Another great day trip from Queenstown. (And an awesome Christmas gift, thanks Sammyb). The tour was organized by Jucy tours. Highly recommend them!They did a couple of stops along the way and you see hundreds of #instagrammable pictures. (And thousands of sheep.)


When we got on the cruise, it started to rain which made it even better as it created a couple of mini waterfalls along the way.


ALSO, how cute are these seals chilling on the rock?

Ferg Burger

I’ll have to give some credit to my colleague for this. But even if he didn’t recommend this to me, I would have easily spotted the place as the queue outside is massive. For the first couple of days, we tried to line up but the wait was too long. Best time to go is before lunch where you will only have to wait for 30 minutes before you actually get in front of cash register.


I’m no food photographer so this picture doesn’t really portray how awesome the burger was. Have your order in a takeaway bag and bring it by the lake!

Weekend Market 

Who doesn’t love a good market? Live music, great views and some local handmade goodness. No explanation needed.


Queenstown Gardens

Beautiful park with multiple options for activities:

  • Play tennis
  • Play lawn bowls
  • Play frisbee
  • Skim rocks at the lake (I won)
  • Chase ducks
  • Take pictures of ducks


Mini Golf

Easily the best set up for mini golf I have ever seen. Although, mind you, I haven’t been to much. If it’s starting to rain or you just want a break from the sun (because you can get too much of it), Caddy Shack is located in town and would make for a great indoor activity.


Extreme Sports

Bungee jumping, skydiving, paragliding, jet boating, white water rafting–just some of the extreme sports that you and I did not do. (Because I am a wuss) But if you’re an adrenaline junkie, you will LOVE Queenstown. So much to do. Just make sure your pocket’s alright because they can be a little pricey.

NzoneSkydive_QT16_cropped_for_website_1 (1).jpg

(I don’t own this picture and I’m not sure who does but just stole it off the internet so you can see what it would look like if we did skydive at Queenstown.)

Thanks for showing me around this beaut!


Click on my video below to see 3 days of Queenstown in 4 minutes!

8 thoughts on “The One In Queenstown

    1. You have to go! And do as much as you can. Highly recommend it. There’s a lot to see and do but really suggest seeing a bit of both North and South islands. 😃P.S. The luge was a lot of fun 😛


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