En Route To Zurich


Flight LX333 review: Service: 10/10

We were given complimentary drinks, a small cheese sandwich, and, get this, a small block of chocolate with a wrapper that said, “Thank you for flying Swiss.”

Definitely not RyanAir or EasyJet!! Lol. #sorrynotsorry

(Wonder what kind of service their business class gets?)
Dear Sam,
We are moments away from landing and I am feeling very anxious. (Because of the course and if I’ll actually find my way to the hotel. Lol)
Sat beside me are two interesting characters. To my left, is a man wearing run down jeans, a hoodie and a massive pair of sun glasses. He has had two cups of coffee on this 1 hour and 30 minutes flight. He has also been very fidgety. It’s either he’s done something very very wrong and haven’t slept because of it or he’s hungover. Do you reckon it’s the latter? Me too.

To my right, is a very stylish thirty-something looking lady who has been tilting towards the window so I dont see what she’s doing with her phone. “Ma’am, if you turned the brightness down, maybe I wouldn’t have seen the bright coloured candies you’ve been crushing the last hour.” (If you know what I mean.)
Saying goodbye to you at the airport today was a bit hard. But also put a lot of things into perspective. (Or maybe just emphasised things that I already knew.)
Please be a good boy while I’m away.
Wishing you were here, as always,

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