The One In Ljubljana

Dear Friend,

Ljubljana is probably the prettiest European city that I can’t spell. Or pronounce. (Lubeeyana)

The mission was to make the most out of the 40 hours that Sam and I had and I think we both deserve pats on the back.

It’s always tough being time constrained on a trip and having to pick out what to do but the one thing we both agreed on was that we wanted to spend a day at Lake Bled.

We want to emphasize this, you cannot go to Ljubljana without going to Lake Bled. You cannot.

Just an hour away is the very picturesque town of Bled where I completely fell in love with the whole place. We were lucky to have gone when the weather was great, otherwise we would not have been able to do so much.

Top 5 Things You Must Do In Lake Bled

View from the top

There are two main viewing points for Lake Bled and we decided to go to the first one we saw. (Because at this point, we were both struggling with the heat!) It’s called Ojstrica. Climbing up can be tricky but you have to power through.


Because dammit, it’s breathtaking.


And worth it.

Check out the island


Just a short boat ride from the main land, you will be transported to a tiny island in the middle of the lake. There is a tiny church where you can pay your tributes or go up to see another angle of the whole place.

People also get married there and we were lucky enough to see one.


Alpine Coaster

I am shit scared of heights. But like everything else, Sam talked me into going on the ride and I’m glad that he did!


You ride a cable car up to the top and one by one they let people ride on the sleds. It was my first time to be on one and my heart was pounding when it was my turn to go. What a pussy. But it turned out to be really fun.



There are hundreds of things to do in Lake Bled: cycling, trekking, boating, kayaking, basically a lot of -ings. And if you’re adventurous or sporty, you will have a field day.


Whoever said calories don’t count on holidays is a genius. (Because it has now become one of my holiday mantras.)

Restaurants and cafes are spread out around the lake and deciding where to eat was a toughie.


Slovenia is known for sweet and decadent desserts and in Lake Bled they have a specialty cake called the Grmada. (Must try.) It’s made of a day-old cake with rum, custard, raisins and topped with cream and chocolate syrup. Yes, please.


On our last hours back in the city, we went on a free walking tour. We learned a lot about their history, the Balkan war in the 90’s and the little gems around the city.

Metalkova is, by far, the hippest, quirkiest part of the city.



Where else will you find shoes hanging on power lines?


The city’s main architect was obsessed with bridges and built them all over the city. This particular one is called the Butcher man’s bridge. Ironically, it’s also a “love bridge”, much like the one in Paris, as people have been putting locks in it to profess their love with someone special.


I love going to local markets! A fun fact about the Ljubljana market is that their stuff is more expensive than the shops. (Which usually is the other way around.) Why? Because there’s not much land for locals to actually grow their produce.


To kill more time before our next trip, we hung out in the city centre, just soaking in all the buzzing noise from people, soaking in culture and soaking in that lovely feeling you get from a good holiday.


Wishing we had more time in this lovely place (and contemplating on coming back), 

Isabel (And Sam)





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