The One In Copenhagen

Dear Danish People,

(Or do I say, Dear Danes?)

I am happy to announce that my partner’s birthday wish was to go to a Scandinavian city and Copenhagen won by a landslide. (of two.)

Getting to the city from the airport is easy and the fact that you guys only have one airport makes it extremely easier.

We booked ourselves an AirBnb because unfortunately, even the hostels were expensive. (How are you surviving on a 45% tax rate by the way?)

We stayed at Mille and Oli’s at Frederiksberg but they were away that weekend and left their flat to us to enjoy. They even left us a nice little letter that we thought was very sweet of them to do.


(Sam, you’ve been friend-zoned)

Anyway, on our three days there, I think we did well and ticked a lot of boxes. We made a list of favorites which includes:




Every time I googled your city, a picture of this place would always come up. So obviously, we had to see this one. The atmosphere in the area is pretty cool- all the street music and food, buzzing from the crowds, and everyone just out and about enjoying the weather. Makes for a pretty nice walk along the canal too.

Tivoli Gardens


The fact that you have an amusement park in the middle of the city centre mindblows me! As you usually have to travel further out the city to ever find one, this was a treat! There were loads of things to do and we especially loved the gardens and carnival booths. (I won myself a donut keychain, because why not.)


Rosenborg Castle


We went to a total of two free walking tours and each time, the tour guide would recommend going to this place—so we did. Having hearing so much stories about Christian IV from said walking tours, we really appreciated it and we got so much insight about how your royals lived back in the day.



We always have to go to some sort of food market anywhere we go and we have to say, yours was the busiest so far! To be fair, we did go on a really good day so it was just jam-packed with people. But the choices were amazing. And the food was amazing. And well, enough said.

Christiansborg Palace

Thank you for making your Parliament free for the public to go in and up to because otherwise we would not have seen your city in a better view.



We thought it was cool that the Danish royal family all lived together in one complex. How easy it must be for the Prince to just knock on the Queen’s door when he runs out of eggs. Also, we heard about them hosting a foreign exchange student-can they host two other foreigners too? Cheers.

Little Mermaid Statue

You are allowed to slap Sam for not seeing the movie I’ve been gushing about since the age of 5. But I have to say, when I saw this iconic statue, it gave me the same feeling I had when I first saw the Big Ben—thought it would be bigger. Ha.


Lego Store

We, along with the other millions of people that played Lego growing up, thank you for enriching a young carpenter’s mind into making these toy building blocks. Sam and I insisted that we visited the flagship store in the city. Our favourite bit was the section where you can make your own Lego person to buy and bring home!



You didn’t think we’d only put in one food market in there, did you? We liked this one because it was less busy than the other one and some booths gave out free samples. (Hello, Danish cheese.) We also tried some authentic Danish pastries, which were delikat!


Langelinie Park


We, to everyone’s disappointment, did not rent a bicycle, so we had to stop every now and then, otherwise our blisters would be a joke. This park was our favourite pit stop in the whole trip because you get to see the view of the harbour, the Opera house, your beautiful blue-eyed Danish men. (Sorry Sam.) And who doesn’t like sitting in a beautiful park?

Overall, we really loved your city! Couple more boxes I wished we could have ticked but that only gives us good reason to come back.

Tusind Tak for an awesome weekend x

Missing your Danish pastries already, 


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