The One With The Spanish Easter

Dear Amigo,

I have successfully convinced Sam to spend the long Easter weekend with me in a warm place. (He suggested Oslo. Didn’t really understood the definition of warm, this one.)

We both decided Alicante would be the perfect destination and we loved it! We tallied down our Top 10 over the weekend and here they are!

(Please note they are not in order because if they were, food would definitely be up there. Ha. )

(1) Santa Barbara Castle

I would like to tell you that the climb up was incredibly tiring and well worth it but Sam and I took the lift and that was well worth €2.70.


The views from up above are amazing and this one is a definite must go when in the city.


The area is big and you can just easily wander up and down the steps and go in the little museums sporadically spread out. It’s free to go in too!


(2) Santa Cruz

If you want a taste of real old Spain, then you will love this cute little Barrio.


It’s a bit of a climb going up but you get to see views of the city plus the cute little homes and friendly locals.


And friendly canines.


(3) Mercado

Going to the market itself is an experience even if you’re not planning on buying anything. All the lined up stalls filled with meat, fish, bread and cheese- heaven.


You can get a platter for €5 with a bottle of beer and you’re set for lunch.


Make sure to eat it out in Plaza 25 de Mayo.


This plaza is set behind the Market and serves as a memorial for the victims from a bombing years ago. People usually come to the square mid afternoon for drinks and its especially packed on the weekends.


(4) Free Walking Tour

Although we’re not quite sure if we should recommend the tour we did but we do recommend going on a tour-any tour. It’ll give you highlights of the city (and you can just go back to your favourite ones after) and its remarkable history.


(5) Explanada

This famous promenade in the middle of restaurants and the port is pretty hard to miss. We loved walking along it as there are so much to do.

     (5.1) People watching. We especially loved the oldies just chilling on the benches.


     (5.2) Market stalls. So many bits and bobs lined up on the strip!


     (5.3) Ice cream. We suggest the Turron flavour.


     (5.4) Have your caricature drawn. Prepare to hold your smile for twenty minutes and have people passing by giving you thumbs up.


(6) Beach

Why not.


(7) Turron


Turron is a traditional Christmas treat in Spain but because it’s known to be from Alicante, here it’s sold all year round. Our tour stopped in a Turron store called Espi and we are fans. (They also do liquor. Think Baileys but better.)

(8) Paella


Paella is another thing Alicante is known for and you’ll see so many restaurants serving this classic Spanish dish! Surprisingly even after travelling around Spain, Sam’s never tried it. Ha ha. So we spent one meal just devouring on one and it was good.

(9) Drink

Why not.


There is no shortage of cocktail bars or just bars in general. I know they say in London there’s a pub in every corner. But in Alicante? There’s probably 3 on every street.

(10) Tapas

No trip to Spain would be complete without having some tapas. And let me tell you, the tapas bar we went to was awesome.


The place is called D’Tablas. You basically get a table and they ask you what drinks you want. After, every minute or so, waiters come out with platters filled with wooden blocks with tapas on it. You get which ones you want and then wait for another serving. They are all different so you can try as much as you want. After stuffing your bellies with it, they just count how many wooden blocks you have and pay for the bill. (Each cost less than a euro!)

Wild Card (11)

One thing Sam and I regret not making time for was going to Valencia. There are 11 trains that go to and from the city from Alicante everyday and it would have made a great day trip if we did not think of it sooner than on the bus going home. Bollocks.

Hoping you’ll try some of these things if you visit the city, 

Sam and Isabel (Still, mostly Isabel.)


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