Budapest (Part 2)

Dear Reader,

Almost always, in any European country you’ll go to visit, you will go to a museum. (Or a church.) And that’s what Sam and I first did on our last full day in Budapest. (Which also turned out to be the most eventful one.)

As we were pressed with time, we had to pick just one and I made Sam choose and he went for the House of Terror.


No, it’s not a scary museum. (Well it is, in some ways.) but it doesn’t involve zombies or anything.


It’s actually a museum filled with exhibits from the fascist and communist regimes in Hungary during the 20th century. A lot of World War stuff and if you are into those things, you’ll definitely want to visit.


We both suggest to get the audio guide as it saves a lot of time. But if you would rather read from a sheet of paper provided in every room, that’s alright too. (But really, audio guide.)

After the museum, it was finally time to check out the Baths.

There are about 7 in Budapest and we thought if we were only going to try one we would go to the biggest and most popular one-  The Széchenyi Baths.


So what really happens: You get in, you get a locker, you change and then you head out where the fun begins. (Our favorite was the outside bath.)


The layout inside is there are a bunch of indoor pools with different temperatures and even saunas sporadically set out. It can smell a bit weird and it can get a bit weird. People watching can be a treat or it cannot be. Main point is- it’s an experience. And one that you have to do when you’re in Budapest. No questions asked.


We went back to the hotel to have a proper bath- just to clean all the stuff out and then we were set to head out again.

Sam’s been in Budapest a couple of years back (eight to be exact) but apparently he was too drunk to remember anything. The one thing he did remember was going up to the Citadel and he insisted that we did that to see the sunset. So we did.


The climb up wasn’t as bad as I expected. We stopped at different points just to take in the different views.


And finally getting to the top.


It was like a fat kid seeing a rainbow cake for the first time. (Okay, not that intense but you know what I mean.)


Going down, I decided that we should stop at the shoes by the Danube river.


The shoes are like a shrine or a memorial of all the men killed by the fascists during World War II.


We got hungry. And because it was our last night- we thought a proper Hungarian restaurant was the way to go.

Hungarikum Bisztro was just near the parliament and it was highly recommended on TripAdvisor (#10) so that decision was a no brainer.

Our life decision skills did not fail us as that dinner was pretty awesome.


(Can we take a moment to laugh at the fact that Sam put a paper towel over him as a bib. Ha.)

Langos is a fried bread or sometimes even called the Hungarian pizza. It’s a delicacy worth trying. Especially if you love cheese. And fried oily goodness. Mmmm, cheese.


Another thing we found interesting in Budapest was that it has a lot of Thai massage parlors. (Why??) So to end our night, we went for that and we both loved it.

To conclude: Budapest is pretty.

To remind: Do not say thank you when you give payments because they won’t give you your change back.

To emphasize: Sam and I both survived our first trip together x

Thanks for reading,

Sam and Isabel (But mostly, Isabel)

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