Hungary For Some Adventure

To Whom It May Concern,

If you are reading this, you have successfully made my day by adding traffic to my blog.

In other news, the boy I’ve been writing letters to has finally agreed to go on a trip with me. And we decided Budapest was the place to go. We later on realized that going on Winter wasn’t such a smart idea but we pulled through anyway.

Budapest is such a picturesque city. Sadly, we didn’t see much of it as it was foggy as hell. Ha ha. For the first night that is. But luckily, the rest of the days were pretty amazing even if we were freezing our tits off.


We stayed over at Eurostar Budapest Hotel, which we can’t recommend enough as the location is perfect and the place itself was just really good. Rooms perfect and the breakfast was just (insert thumbs up emoji.)


We arrived quite late during the day and once we were done settling in the hotel, it was just the right time to scout for dinner.

So many to choose from! But we found a cute little restaurant in Kertesz Utca called M. Restaurant. The feel of the place was really nice- homey, quirky and chilled out. The walls were drawn on and the tables were covered in brown paper with a cup of colored pencils so you can scribble on them.


Sam and I give the food 4.5 stars. (And I tell you, he’s not easy to please.)


Surprisingly enough, it was only rated #43 on TripAdvisor so it sort of gave us high hopes for the rest of the gastronomical part of our trip.

We ended our day with a couple of drinks in a pub before we retired and mustered up energy for our first real day.


Two alarm snoozes and two big portions of breakfast later, Sam and I are out and geared up (more me, really.) for our first agenda: Free walking tour of Budapest. The thing about these free walking tours is that, most of the time it’s given by a local so it’s really authentic and you get to see a lot in a couple of hours. We really liked our tour guide! (but we can’t really remember his name now.)  He gave us a lot of insider tips and his jokes were spot on.

Fun fact: Budapest is divided in two parts. The Buda side and the Pest side. Tour Guide X took us around the Pest side first. Pest side, I think is the more modern part of the city. More commerce- hotels, bars, etc. You still have all the historical stuff of course, but it’s definitely the hipper side of the city.



After an hour and a half we crossed the Chain Bridge and toured the Buda side of the city. I fell in love with the Buda side especially the Castle District, which just felt like being in a fairytale or something. (No matter how cliche that sounds.)



The Fisherman’s Bastion is a must to check out to get an awesome view of the Pest side of the city and its cool castle fortress things are definitely picture worthy.




All the walking tired us out so we crashed in the hotel for awhile before we headed out again.

Because it was less cloudy and foggy, we were excited to see Budapest at night.



For good reason.





One thing you must absolutely try in Budapest is going to a ruin bar. Our tour guide told us that the idea came from two guys who were bored and decided to open a bar but didn’t have any money. So they found this rundown building and chucked in a lot of unwanted furniture and voila! Now you can easily find ruin bars all over the city centre.

I would have loved to take a picture of the inside but Sam said I might look like a loser. So I took a picture off the internet to show you what it looks like.


Hoping you’ll read more about our trip to Budapest,

Sam and Isabel

IMG_8501 (1).JPG

Note: Sam edited this picture because he thinks he looks better in black and white.

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