The One Where I’m Still In Amsterdam

Dear Sam,

There is no better way to start your second day in Amsterdam than by waking up 30 minutes before call time. Thanks to my amazing shower skills, fortunately made it to breakfast. Which I Inhaled just in time to make it to the bus.

After a forty five minute drive, we arrived at Zaanse Schans- a well preserved historical site in the Netherlands. So pretty and I felt like I was transported back in time.


It’s like a little town with little houses and little factories.


We first went into this wooden clogs factory where some guys showed us how they made them.


Do people still wear wooden clogs, you ask? Yes, apparently they do.


We then went to my favorite part of the place- the cheese making factory! (Yes, I died.) Best part of the place was that it had free flowing testers.


Our guide gave us time to wander around and go into the other shops.


We drove back into the city just before lunch to get on a boat for our canal cruise.


After the cruise, we all went to our little groups to do our own thing. I went with Nunthinee, Cassie and Kaitlyn and we knew exactly where to go first- Heineken Experience.


The museum is set in one of their old factories and the entrance fee included two free drinks and lots of good fun. We learned how their beer was made, saw a couple of their machines and went to the top to see an awesome view of Amsterdam.


We got hungry so we decided to grab something to eat. We saw a restaurant nearby and just went for it.


We also ordered more of those Poffertjes.

Next on our list was the iconic Amsterdam sign in the Museum square. I think no one leaves Amsterdam without a picture of it.


Anne Frank was next. Piece of advice: book a ticket online. If you don’t, you spend a lot of time queuing outside in -2 weather. Enough said.


I’ve read the book and going through all the rooms and memorabilia just gave me a strong surge of mixed emotions. Sad mostly, but I think it’s something you have to see especially if you’re into WWII and stuff.

We got hungry again. (There’s something about being in an unfamiliar place and your stomach just wants attention all the time.) And the two American girls wanted the one thing I never thought I’d eat on this trip- Chinese. Naturally, Nunthinee and I, being Asians, were game for it. Hesitant, but game. (Cassie and Kaitlyn, if you’re reading this, I still think you guys are half Asians too. Haha)


We ended our day in Sea Palace which is apparently the second largest floating Chinese restaurant in the world.


They also had, in my opinion, the best crispy duck ever.. in Europe.


Also, I failed to mention that it was Nunthinee’s birthday and I have been telling everyone all day and this is the third surprise + crappy happy birthday singing she got.


Amsterdam was fun. 

So much more I wanted to do and see but only gives me more reason to go back. Maybe you won’t shun me next time and actually come with.

Still wishing you had come with me,


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