My First Ever Letter

  Dear Sam,

There are three reasons why you should not leave your girlfriend to go to Belfast for New Years’ Eve.

  1. According to reliable source (from or something like that) London has one of the best fireworks displays in the world.

scan-9Please take note of number three.

Nowhere does it mention anything about Ireland. (I’m sorry, Irish people. I am however a fan of your St. Patrick’s Day.)

In fact, I took some pictures to prove it to you.




2. It gives everyone (including me) perfect excuse to dress up and get drunk and you’re missing out on some crazy Asian action.

I’m kidding, I’m still on my antibiotics. (crap.)





3. It is customary for a boy and a girl to kiss at midnight and you left me with roughly nine million people to choose from. Thank you.

Happy New Years,


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